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Workers Comp Legal Help

The Denver FOP provides its members with the best legal representation available on Workers' Comp. Injury on the job is a serious issue that affects our livelihood and future income. As a Law Enforcement Officer, you are required to perform all your essential law enforcement duties after you are released from each and every injury you sustain.

Colorado Workers' Compensation laws are complex. Nothing is automatic. Law enforcement is dangerous work and injuries occur frequently. Often a law enforcement officer finds himself denied the benefits due him. The results of any potential settlement of your case can affect your future benefits.

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Nick Fogel

Call Nick Fogel at 303-792-5595
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Nick Fogel has earned the position as the FOP's exclusive Workers' Comp attorney. Nick's thorough understanding of the complex issues involved in these cases has earned him that status. For over forty years, the Fogel name has been proudly linked to the FOP and representation of injured police officers and their families.

Marshal Fogel and his son Nick have long been the preferred attorneys of the FOP when it comes to representation in these matters. Marshal recently retired and Nick continues as the FOP's attorney in this important area of law for our members.

Nick Fogel is now part of Burg/Simpson, a national law firm with a team of more than 40 attorneys focused on personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, social security, employment and commercial litigation. We have partnered with Nick to assist FOP members in good standing Worker's Comp and Personal Injury representation.

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