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Mental Health and Wellness Services

Counseling services for any Colorado Police Officers and other emergency responders
Therapy Process Group for Substance Abuse (Emergency Responders only)
Resources and referrals for emergency responders in areas including but not limited to trauma, substance abuse, and other addictions/issues.

Colorado Police Officer's,
Director of Mental Health and Wellness,
Rebecca Allanson

Rebecca runs a 'peer support' oriented organization based in Denver, Colorado called Badge2Badge, a non-profit, independent from the FOP, but entirely supported by the FOP. Badge2Badge provides support services, resources for Colorado Emergency Responders, and run support meetings each week.

Rebecca Allanson has a Master of Arts (Clinical Counseling) degree from the University of Northern Colorado. She also has a BSS (Criminology) from Charles Sturt University in Australia. Rebecca is currently completing her Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) from California Southern University. Rebecca is a former police officer with over 18+ years’ experience in law enforcement. Rebecca began her career in Sydney, Australia in 1996 and served 5 ½ years with the New South Wales Police Force. She emigrated to the US and landed in Denver, Colorado, and with the Arvada Police Department in 2002. From 2002 to 2011, she served with Arvada, almost all of her experience in the Criminal Investigations Bureau (Domestic Violence and Persons Crimes). In 2011 she began working with the First Judicial District Attorney (Jefferson County) as a Special Investigator with their Special Investigations Unit. Rebecca was also a long time serving CIT member and was CIT trainer between 2006-2010. In 2015, Rebecca began a non-profit organization called Badge2Badge. B2B provides free, confidential, support meetings and resources for First Responders and support services (Police, Fire, EMS, Corrections, Dispatch and other support services).


I am the Founder/Director for Badge2Badge. We are a non-profit organization started to provide support services and resources for Colorado Emergency Responders. We run support meetings each week. Right now just one meeting at the CO FOP office on Wednesday evenings 6pm-7pm. We also run two AA meetings for Emergency Responders also.

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FHE Health, Preferred Partner of FOP
for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care

The National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP) has made the national behavioral treatment center FHE Health its primary provider of choice. (Read the announcement here https://fherehab.com/news/fhe-health-and-fraternal-organization-of-police/) This move signifies the NFOP’s strong commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of its more than 346,000 members, at a time when America’s police officers and families are suffering from disproportionately high rates of PTSD and other mental health conditions:

• 30 percent of first responders—namely, police officers, fire fighters and EMS personnel—will develop a behavioral health condition like PTSD as a result of their job.
• The number of cops who took their own lives in 2017 was three times that of the number of cops who were killed in the line of duty, according to a 2018 USA Today report.
• The rate of attempted suicide among first responders is steadily increasing to more than 10 times the national average.

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About FHE Health

Within this network, FHE Health is a primary provider of choice for members with intensive behavioral health needs and for their immediate family members. Here are some unique features of FHE Health that are helping us to prioritize the mental health needs of our members in Colorado:

• Expedited access to high-quality and affordable inpatient care, via FHE’s specialized treatment program for police officers and first responders (known as “Shatterproof”).
• Peer support groups consisting exclusively of police and other first responders (because these achieve better treatment outcomes for police and first responders).
• A focus on job security and retention, by taking client privacy very seriously and utilizing union affiliation and best practices.
• Trauma-based therapies that address PTSD and trauma-related mental health conditions.
• Neuro treatments that therapeutically target areas of dysfunction in the brain and speed the recovery process— so that our members can get back to helping their families and communities faster.

About Shatterproof at FHE Health

Shatterproof at FHE (formerly Florida House Shatterproof) employs evidence-based therapies, innovative medical care, and a comprehensive wellness program to address symptoms of PTSD, among other mental health conditions. The goal is to help police and first responders successfully manage their condition and/or achieve life-long recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Shatterproof is designed to help patients overcome specific obstacles and increase their ability to manage emotions during stressful situations without turning to self-medication. FHE’s medical team works to customize a care plan that treats the underlying issues that contribute to substance use disorders and other mental health conditions. Patients in the program meet with therapists whose experience is specialized to meet their treatment needs.

FHE’s evidence-based, holistic treatment approach addresses every individual’s physical, neurological, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. The program also utilizes a peer-support group model— to improve outcomes by placing patients in a therapeutic setting where they are among their peers. This also allows patients to feel more comfortable sharing and processing sensitive experiences.

About the Director of Shatterproof

As Director of “Shatterproof,” Dr. Sachi Ananda, Ph.D., LMHC, MCAP, is responsible for providing clinical direction to FHE Health’s specialized treatment program for first responders. Her #1 goal in her job is to help first responders return as soon as possible to their roles as public servants in their communities and families.

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